User unable to login to XFCE desktop

SO I have been working on a relatively new Fedora Xfce installation and while I could login to the desktop, another user I created was unable to do so. The primary symptom of this is that the screen would blank except for the background and nothing would happen. The user was “logged in” but the desktop never appeared.

After a bit of searching I discovered that the ~/.config/xfce4 directory that exists in my account did not exist in the other user’s account.

To fix this, as root, I copied the ~/.config/xfce4 directory and all its contents from my home directory to the home directory of the failing account and changed ownership to that of the new account. It all works fine, now.

# cp -r /home/me/.config/xfce4 /home/new_account/.config/
# chown -R new_account.new_account .config

It all works fine.