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Origins of the DataBook®

The Databook® web site began life many years ago as a database of information about OS/2. I was the lead OS/2 support person for IBM and this database was designed to allow me and the other OS/2 support personnel to locate information about OS/2 quickly. I also used it to ensure that once I had discovered how to do something, or found a particularly elusive bit of information, that I would not have to reinvest the time spent obtaining it. It was basically a memory aid for me.

Much of that information also appeared as Chapter 6, File Systems, and Chapter 22, Troubleshooting, in the hardcopy book, Inside OS/2 Warp, New Riders Publishing, 1995.

After I left IBM, this information became the basis for the DataBook for OS/2, which like its predecessor, was a memory tool for me in my independent consulting company, Millennium Technology.

Unfortunately the hardware on which the DataBook for OS/2 has resided for many years died in the early weeks of 2008. Over time I will try to recreate as much of the data that was in that document as possible, here. I am also writing two new books, The DataBook for Linux Administrators and the DataBook for Linux Users.

These two new(er) books are compendia of data about Linux, particularly about Fedora Linux, for Administrators and users, respectively. They contain information that I have discovered over the several years I have been using Linux and that I need to maintain for myself, but I also want to make this information available to all comers.

Open Source

The information contained here is free and is Open Source. You may use the content in other books with appropriate attribution and in conformance with the GNU Free Documentation License. You can find a complete copy of the GNU Free Documentation License on the GNU web site.

I have now added a donations option in the sidebar where you can help support this web site.


One of the really impressive things about the Open Source community is the vast amount of information that is available out on the Internet. People in this community really enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise. I, not being one to reinvent the wheel, am taking advantage of that in this book. I provide links to really good and proven information where it makes sense to do so rather than to create my own.

Rather than have these links a just a gob of links down the side of the DataBook web site I incorporate them into the structure of the DataBooks and provide additional information and clarification where it might be appropriate.

Legal Stuff

The following two sub-sections deal with all of the legal stuff necessary for a published document. They pertain to all of the DataBook documents published on this web site.

DataBook is a Registered trademark of David Both.