ChurchInfo: Empty pages

Last Updated on 06/12/2015 by dboth

After installing ChurchInfo I found that some pages were empty, that is, completely blank. Others did not have new information I had added.

Several lists such as “View all persons” and View all families” show a blank page. Other things such as listing all groups shows groups I had created, so they were OK.

I added myself as a person and then added myself as a user. When I listed users I saw only the default admin user. I look at “List all families” and get a page that has the default ChurchInfo information but the list is empty. It does have a “B” in the alpha list, but when I click that I get a blank screen.

After searching the ChurchInfo web site, I found that I needed to install php-mbstring. For my CentOS installation, the following command installs that PHP module.

yum -y install php-mbstring

The command for your distribution may be different.