Installing VirtualBox Using the RPMFusion Repository

It is possible to install VirtualBox, the Free Open Source virtual machine manager, using downloads directly from the Oracle VirtualBox web site. This is perfectly fine and usually works with no problems. However there have been very occasional issues when kernel updates are installed, and I have also had issues when installing X86_64 versions.

The RPMFusion repository contains the RPM packages required to install the latest versions of VirtualBox. The packages in the RPMFusion repository are somewhat better integrated into Fedora and are just a bit easier to install using YUM.

There are two RPM packages that need to be installed. Use the following command to install them on your Fedora host.

yum -y install VirtualBox kmod-VirtualBox

This command installs the latest version of VirtualBox and the kernel module for your currently running kernel. The latter is the kmod-VirtualBox RPM.

You can still install the VirtualBox extension pack by downloading it directly from the Oracle VirtualBox web site and following the normal installation instructions.