Errors During Fedora Linux DVD Installation

Last Updated on 04/04/2013 by dboth

I have experienced a number of occasions where errors would occur during installation from DVD of Fedora on a number of systems. These errors seem to be most frequent on laptops or when using USB attached thin form factor DVD drives. I have also seen this occur on larger high-speed DVD drives with SATA interfaces on desktop or tower systems.

The errors can show up when the medium is verified as part of the installation procedure or during the installation itself. Errors may appear as CRC or disk read errors, or failures that do not appear to have any connection with the DVD at all. Sometimes the errors have no other description than “fatal error.”

This has been occurring for several releases now, and is still occurring with Fedora 18.

Problem is With DVD Creation

After much testing I believe that the problem lies primarily in the burning of the Fedora installation DVD.

When using Brasero to create the Fedora installation DVDs, using a slower burn speed seems to solve this problem. DVDs created with faster speeds will fail consistently on a given system, while DVDs created at slower speeds, such as 4x seldom fail.

My recommendation when creating Fedora installation and live DVDs is to use a slower burn speed.