SSH and YUM don’t work after Fedora 10 Installation

Last Updated on 11/15/2009 by dboth

Today I upgraded the server that runs my email and all of my web sites including this one. After the upgrade there were several problems which I noted immediately.

  • I could ping the box but SSH would not work in either direction
  • I could not login to the GUI but I could login to the virtual consoles
  • YUM would not work.
  • RPM would not work
  • After attempting to use YUM and SSH I received the error “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory“.

I determined that this file should have been in the /lib directory and that there were broken symlinks in the /usr/lib directory pointing to this file and two other library files. I used the command, rpm -q –whatprovides /lib/ to determine that the nspr RPM package provided this file and the other two missing files.

Because YUM and RPM were broken I could not install the missing package using either. I copied the files from another Fedora 10 computer onto a USB thumb drive and then copied them to /lib. This immediately corrected the problem.

I immediately ran YUM to upgrade all packages in the system. This is critical in Fedora 10 as there are many problems with Fedora 10 if all upgrades are not applied immediately after an installation or an upgrade.

The root cause of this problem was that one critical RPM package was not installed correctly during the upgrade. It took a bit of work to resolve this but everything is now running fine.

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