Printing With a Xerox WorkCenter Pro 128

Last Updated on 07/24/2009 by dboth

The Xerox WorkCenter Pro 128 is a high capacity copier and network attached printer. It has multiple paper drawers and can print up to 11×17 (ledger) paper sizes. One of my customers added one of these printers a couple years ago.

Current versions of Linux have drivers for this printer but the drivers that are shipped with the distros do not work. At the time we were using Fedora 7 and in order to get this printer to print more than the first page of a multipage document or to print on any paper other than 8.5×11 I had to download a PPD (Postscript Printer Definition File) from Xerox on the Internet for this printer. I deleted the printer created automatically using the Printer Configuration utility, and manually install the printer again using the option to “Provide PPD file.” Using this PPD file, we were able to get all of the features of this printer that we needed working.

After upgrading to Kubuntu in July 2009, once again the provided PPD file did not work. So I went back and found the PPD file that did work in the backups of our systems. Using that old PPD we were once again able to get the Xerox WorkCenter Pro 128 to work as we needed it to.

Here is a link to a PPD file at This is not the same one we used to get the printer working originally but is very close.

Here is a link to the Linux CUPS driver page for the WorkCenter Pro 128 at Xerox. This download contains PPD files for all supported Xerox printers, including the one that we found at

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