This chapter is more about specific installation issues and tips and techniques than it is about performing a complete start-to-finish installation. There are many books out there already that do that.

Installation is the process of installing Linux on a computer for the first time.  Upgrade is the process of upgrading from one release of a Linux distribution to another.

For example most home or small business users will never have enough systems to justify using a kickstart install. However many medium to large businesses have large numbers of Linux computers to install and the kickstart provides a very fast and flexible way of performing repeated installations on the same or many different computers. Kickstart is very complex and although much information is published already, there are some key elements that could not previously be found on the Internet and that had to be determined by the simple expedient of repeated experimentation. Hopefully you won’t have this problem now.

I also try to cover other unique aspects of installation such as issues with specific motherboards or other hardware.

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