Major Revamp Coming!

Last Updated on 08/27/2023 by dboth

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t done much on this site in the last few years. As a result much of the technical information here is out of date at best.

Over the coming weeks – and possibly months – I plan to weed out all that can’t be saved and, because there is still some good information here and I intend to keep that, bringing it up to date where necessary. I will also add plenty of new content.

I have already deleted well over 100 old and now pretty much irrelevant posts from the home page. There are almost 400 existing pages to work my way through so be patient. I am also looking for a new theme for this site so you may notice some temporary changes in the looks of this site as I try out different ones.

Remember, this is my technical website and is my personal author’s website. If you are looking for information about my books and articles you should go there.

Thanks for your patience as I work through this process.