05. April 2017 · Comments Off on Problems with JetPack 4.8 · Categories: News, Notifications, WordPress

If you are using WordPress and have JetPack installed, do not under any circumstances install JetPack 4.8 at this time. JetPack 4.8 causes significant problems. It apparently prevents loading of all plugins and prevents the site from working.

I reverted back to JetPack 4.7.1 which resolved the problem.

I will post an update to this story when there is a fix available.


06. January 2016 · Comments Off on Disk errors – server migration in progress · Categories: Notifications, Site Outage

Due to an accumulation of hard drive errors on this web and email server I am preparing a new server to take over from this one.

Over the past couple weeks, the SMART function of the hard drive installed on the server has been reporting steadily larger numbers of permanently unreadable disk sectors. So far this has caused a couple minor software crashes that did not take down the whole server, just one or two of the running server functions.

So in the interest of a smooth transition, I have started work on a new server by installing CentOS 6 on a computer I had doing some minor functions that were fun but not necessary. I will be migrating server functions from the old server to the new over the next couple weeks. I do expect there to be some very short periods of down time, but none should last more than a few minutes.

If you encounter difficulty with accessing my web sites or sending me email. please be patient and try again in a few minutes.

Thanks for your patience.

The page sequence problems in the Table of Contents have been fixed. Pages are now displayed in the Table of Contents in the correct sequence. Thank you for your patience.

05. November 2009 · Comments Off on Spammers Force End to Open Registration · Categories: News, Notifications

Due to a significant increase in bogus registrations by spammers, I have ended the capability for open registration. If you wish to register for this web site send an email to dboth {at} millennium-technology {dot} com.

You must have a registration on this site to contribute comments, but all content is always open and free and you need not be registered just to view content.

I apologize for the inconvenience but it seems the only way to control the spam problem at this time.

27. June 2009 · Comments Off on Fedora Frog 1.0-11.0.0 released · Categories: Information, Notifications, Software

This Bash program provides the Linux administrator an easy way to install applications not installed by default during a Fedora Core installation procedure, and applications that are not part of the standard distribution. It also tweaks some configuration items. Additional repositories are required beyond the normal Core, Updates, and Extras, and they can be added using Fedora Frog as well. Frog installs media players such as RealPlayer, Mplayer, VLC, Kaffiene and Xine. It also installs Thunderbird, Firefox, GNUCash, Adobe Reader and Yumex, and some things specifically for System Admins such as chkrootkit. Fedora Frog is currently supported on Fedora 10 and 11. Support for all previous versions of Fedora has been removed.

The latest version of Fedora Frog can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/fedorafrog/

You may notice that some of the sections of these books are only partially completed, and certainly there are entire sections and chapters that are missing from these books. In fact “The DataBook for Linux Administrators” is barely even begun.

I have found in the past, when writing “The DataBook for OS/2”, that writing about things I experienced recently is much easier than writing about things that are more distant. If I have a problem that I work on and solve today, I will likely write it up and stick it in the book where it makes the most sense. For other things I just have to suck it up and do the writing. I will get around to it sometime.

The organization of these books may change as they grow and evolve. And as they grow, it may seem to you that the growth is haphazard and makes little or no sense. Over time the Table of Contents will fill out and the overall content will be far more complete that it is as of this writing.