Kickstart Article Published in Linux Magazine

An article I co-authored with Bruce Garland, a co-worker at Cisco Systems, has been published in the June 2008 hardcopy issue of Linux Magazine. The article has just (August 2008) been put up on the Linux Magazine web site at:

Here also is a link to the article on this DataBook® web site Complete Kickstart.

Beware of Foxconn Motherboards

Foxconn is a motherboard manufacturer that is deliberately programming their BIOS to crash non-Microsoft operating systems, especially Linux.

Here is the link. Read for yourself and check out the disassembled BIOS code that this user found.

Software Patents Ruled Invalid by PTO

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has basically ruled that software patents are invalid. This invalidates many patents by many companies, including those patents with which Microsoft sought to bludgeon the Linux ecosystem.

The ruling is particularly good news for the Open Source community. It makes it clear that Open Source software is, in general at least, free and clear of any issues having to do with software patents.

The Patent Law Blog, PatentlyO, has a long article bemoaning this ruling, but it is very interesting in that it discusses many of the issues that have concerned Open Source advocates for some time.

Read the text of the article, The Death of Google’s Patents?

Notes on the Organization and Completeness of the DataBooks

You may notice that some of the sections of these books are only partially completed, and certainly there are entire sections and chapters that are missing from these books. In fact “The DataBook for Linux Administrators” is barely even begun.

I have found in the past, when writing “The DataBook for OS/2”, that writing about things I experienced recently is much easier than writing about things that are more distant. If I have a problem that I work on and solve today, I will likely write it up and stick it in the book where it makes the most sense. For other things I just have to suck it up and do the writing. I will get around to it sometime.

The organization of these books may change as they grow and evolve. And as they grow, it may seem to you that the growth is haphazard and makes little or no sense. Over time the Table of Contents will fill out and the overall content will be far more complete that it is as of this writing.

Welcome to the new DataBook Web Site

A few weeks ago the original DataBook® website computer crashed beyond the possibility of repair, which is actually pretty cool since it had been up and running since 1995. Old backups were not able to be restored and so I needed to start over. This web site is the new DataBook web site.

From now on this web site will be primarily targeted to Linux.

Although the entire book DataBook for OS/2 has been lost, I will try to recreate it as time permits. I expect this to be a long and tedious process, so don’t look for much progress any time soon. If you have a specific request for some OS/2 data, please leave a comment and I will add that particular piece as quickly as I can research it and type it in.

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