Chapter — Email with Thunderbird

Email is one of the most common applications that people use today. It is a fantastic way to communicate with friends and loved ones, and it has become essential to the daily functioning of virtually every business on the planet that has access to the Internet. Nearly everyone uses email and although email is basically very simple, the devil is in the details.

Thunderbird is a powerful and flexible email client program that grows in popularity every day. It allows you to manage your email by placing it in folders either manually or programmatically according to rules that you set up.

Spam is a big problem these days and even the best corporate spam filters cannot block it all. Thunderbird provides you with the ability to “train” it to recognize what you consider to be spam. If it makes a mistake you can also train it to recognize messages as “ham” which is the stuff your do want to receive.

Thunderbird is an Open Source product of Mozilla.

Starting with configuring your Thunderbird email client, reading and sending messages, this section will also cover printing emails, opening and saving attachments such as documents and pictures. It will point you to other sections that cover managing and printing those documents and photos and the applications you will use in order to do that.

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