Chapter 02 – Inside OS/2 Warp

Chapter:Chapter 02 – Inside OS/2 Warp
Chapter 02 Overview Date Composed: 10-27-96 Date Modified: 12-19-96

IBM’s newest version of Warp, code named Merlin, and officially called Warp 4, has many important new features. Among the more important and interesting of these are integrated voice recognition, a help feature called WarpGuide, and a usability feature called the Warp Center.Warp 4 retains its predecessor’s Crash Protection(TM) which prevents a crashed program from causing the entire system to crash. It also keeps its powerful multitasking capabilities and the ability to run all of your current DOS and Windows 3.1 applications.

The workings of some of the major features of OS/2 Warp are discussed in a fair amount of detail in Chapter 2. All versions of Warp covered here. Warp 3, Warp Connect, Warp 4, and Warp Server, all work in exactly the same way at this level because they share the same kernel.

The specific functions covered in this chapter are multitasking, the OS/2 ring protection mechanism, memory protection, and Crash Protection . What multitasking is and how it can benefit you is covered. How the priority-based, preemptive multitasking of OS/2 works and why it is important. Memory protection and the ring protection mechanism of the 80×86 and Pentium Processors and how OS/2 uses them to provide crash protection.