Notes About The Rebuild of the DataBook for OS/2 Warp

This is a partial reconstruction of some of the information contained in the original DataBook for OS/2. In most places, where the data is available, I have kept the original Lotus Notes headings for the pages. This provides a bit of a historical context for the pages as the headers contain dates and times that the documents were created and last updated in Notes.

Most of the original illustrations are missing, even though the captions are still part of the text. I may recreate those, but please don’t hold your breath.

Note that many of the entries in this DataBook for OS/2 were written in the 1990’s. Keep that in mind as you read them and don’t laugh too hard. ;-)


Thanks to WD “Bill” Loughman of Berkeley, California for sending me his downloads of some of the pages of the original DataBook for OS/2. Using that data, I am recreating the pages that he has saved. This is a great boon for anyone still using OS/2.

Unfortunately, much more data is still missing. If you, by any chance, have downloaded and saved any pages from the DataBook for OS/2, I would be very appreciative if you would zip them up and send them to me.