When was the last time you used OS/2

Chapter:Chapter 01 – What is an Operating System and Why is it Important?
Subsection: 03 – Who Uses OS/2 Warp?
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Topic: When was the last time you used OS/2?
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Most people do not realize how widely OS/2 is used and how frequently they come into contact with it – without ever knowing it. Most people do not even realize that they have used OS/2. If you have ever used an Automated Teller Machine, you have used OS/2.

Almost all ATMs in the U.S. and Canada are driven by OS/2. Banks must use an operating system for the ATM environment which is mature, stable, and which provides the highest degree of data integrity. OS/2 Warp meets all of those requirements. It is critical that they know who’s account to debit the ATM transaction to.

Whenever a sales clerk rings up your purchase on an IBM or an NCR point of sale system, OS/2 is usually running that system.