Who uses Warp in North America

Chapter:Chapter 01 – What is an Operating System and Why is it Important?
Subsection: 03 – Who Uses OS/2 Warp?
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Topic: Who uses Warp in North America?
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OS/2 Warp is used in many areas of business and government in North America which touch almost everyone.

  • The 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta was one of the most visible organizations using OS/2. Over 7,000 PCs and laptops, all running OS/2 and connected to over 250 separate LANs were be used for scoring, Lotus Notes E-mail, multimedia kiosks and much more. Scoring systems were linked to timing devices which recorded results and competition statistics. Results were collected on an OS/2 Server using DB/2 Database for OS/2. After validation by judges, local results were sent via wireless LAN to a central database on a System/390 for distribution to other venues. Although IBM experienced problems with the system, none of the problems were related to OS/2 Warp or any of the functions performed by systems running Warp.
  • Ford dealerships in the U.S. and Canada are standardizing on IBM workstations that run English and French versions of OS/2 2.11. Long term they will migrate to OS/2 Warp. In addition, when the Ford Motor Company decided to launch Fordstar, a PC-based satellite system to communicate with the company’s North American dealers, it chose IBM as its primary supplier. At its core, Fordstar will use IBM’s advanced PC technology as well as OS/2.
  • Toyota – All U.S. dealerships are converting to OS/2 in their parts department.
  • Wachovia Corporation, one of North Carolina’s largest banks, has invested $30 million to standardize on an OS/2 Warp-based retail system network throughout 500 branches.
  • Union Bank, California’s fourth-largest financial institution, is moving more than half of its 7,000 employees onto OS/2 Warp in a dramatic attempt to improve customer service and boost its bottom line.
  • NationsBank, will add up to 2,500 OS/2 additional clients and 400 more servers in Florida, joining the 1,700 clients and 250 servers already in use throughout Georgia.
  • Almost every ATM in the U.S. and Canada uses OS/2 for its reliability.
  • Most NCR and IBM POS (cash register) systems use OS/2.
  • The United States Navy placed an order for 400,000 copies of OS/2 Warp in late 1995; this number was not counted in the 1995 Warp numbers because they had not shipped at that time.
  • Starbucks Coffee uses Warp for their Point of Sale management systems. The cash registers in each of more than 1,600 stores are controlled by a computer running Warp.
  • Most airline ticketing systems use OS/2.
  • Delta Airlines uses OS/2 for all its gate agents.
  • The entire U.S. railroad transportation system is converting to OS/2 for a critical application.
  • The CSX (Railroad) transportation system uses OS/2 extensively.
  • Half the prisons in the U.S. are run by OS/2. (Don’t ask me which half!)
  • In many states the federal judicial system is run on OS/2.
  • Most computers in police cars use OS/2.
  • The Indianapolis 500 uses OS/2 for real time data acquisition and scoring.
  • Wal-Mart is returning to OS/2 Warp after Windows NT failed to perform satisfactorily.
  • The North Carolina DMV replaced Windows 95 systems with an application driven by OS/2 Warp on all their workstations. They no longer suffer crippling downtime or long lines of frustrated people trying to get their drivers licenses renewed.
  • The State of Georgia DMV uses the same OS/2 system to serve their drivers license customers.
  • Blockbuster Video uses OS/2 for their video-on-demand system.
  • Office Depot uses Warp in all its store systems.