Who uses OS/2 in Asia

Chapter:Chapter 01 – What is an Operating System and Why is it Important?
Subsection: 03 – Who Uses OS/2 Warp?
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Topic: Who uses OS/2 in Asia?
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Asia has also taken to OS/2 in a big way.

  • Japan’s telecommunications giant, NTT Corporation bought 20,000 OS/2 licenses and committed to an additional 20,000 to be rolled out through 1997.
  • Sumitomo Bank in Japan has purchased 400 OS/2 licenses to serve their 3,000 desktop clients.
  • QBE Insurance in Australia, plans to install Warp in over 70 branches nationwide.
  • The Royal Bank of Australia has switched back to OS/2 after Windows NT did not live up to the promises made for it.
  • The six largest banks in China, each with over 20,000 branches, are all switching to OS/2 Warp.