Who uses OS/2 Warp in Europe

Chapter:Chapter 01 – What is an Operating System and Why is it Important?
Subsection: 03 – Who Uses OS/2 Warp?
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Topic: Who uses Warp in Europe?
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Usage of OS/2 in europe far exceeds that of the United States. Nearly 75% of all PCs in Europe run OS/2. Apparently the Europeans have not been as quick to accept the Gospel According to Gates.

  • Amadeus runs OS/2 to provide reservations services to Travel Agents Europe-wide.
  • The European Patent Office uses OS/2 to process patent examinations Europe-wide.
  • Both Barclays and Midland Banks use OS/2 at their Personal Banker stations.
  • Deutsche Lufthansa upgraded 20,000 workstations to Warp.
  • Banca Commerciale Italiana (Comit) in Italy has purchased 10,000 OS/2 client and 1600 LAN Server licenses.
  • British Aerospace uses OS/2 to distribute weather information to military and civilian airports throughout the UK on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • Unilever uses OS/2 to globally maintain and distribute the most valuable asset of its Ice Cream division – the recipes.
  • Heathrow Airport uses OS/2 to provide communication gateways for the various airline reservation systems.
  • The most exclusive Cruiseline company in Europe uses OS/2 to book cruise passengers.
  • ABN-AMRO, the biggest bank in the Netherlands runs 15,000 packages of OS/2.