Introducing OS/2 Warp

Chapter:Chapter 01 – What is an Operating System and Why is it Important?
Subsection: 02. What is OS/2 Warp?
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Topic: Introducing OS/2 Warp
Date Composed: 10-29-96 09:56:04 AM Date Modified: 11-14-98 05:56:21 PM

OS/2 Warp is IBM’s premier 32-bit operating system for personal computers. It is the most widely used 32 bit operating system on the market today. Windows 95 is NOT a 32 bit operating system because it is mostly composed of 16 bit executable code; only small portions of Windows 95 are 32 bit. While Windows NT is a true 32 bit operating system, it is at least five years behind OS/2 technically.

There are many rumors floating around about the imminent demise of OS/2. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the death of OS/2 are greatly exagerated. The reason OS/2 will be with us for a long time and will continue to grow and improve is simple – money. IBM generated revenues of over $60 billion in 1995. Companies accounting for $48 billion of that revenue depend upon OS/2. Case closed.

Warp is a Winner

The old adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” applies to Warp 4. It has an excellent visual and verbal interface. Underneath the simplicity of its cover, Warp 4 is the most powerful and connected environment on the market today.

OS/2 does live up to the crash protection claims which IBM makes for it. Although it is not crash-proof, OS/2 is a very solid platform which gets better with each release. As a universal client it provides unparalleled connectivity options for any environment.

The voice recognition capability built into Warp 4 is sexy and can be very useful in some situations. I have found very few businesses that use voice recognition, perhaps because they don’t know the power of this incredible feature.

Warp 4 is a sure bet for businesses which have earlier versions of OS/2. Those who have not tried it should.