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Date Composed: 10-27-96 02:06:52 PM Date Modified: 11-16-98 08:55:17 PM

I started writing this DataBook® as a database for my own use in my consulting business, Millennium Technology, Inc. Over a period of time, I realized that my customers could use much of the data I had collected in my database. As it became clear that I could provide this data as a value-add to my current customers, it also became apparent that many others could benefit from this information as well.

At first, I intended to write a book and have one of the mainstream book publishers publish it. Well not many of them seem to be interested in Warp these days. Most of the “real” book publishers seem to have jumped on the Windows bandwagon.

With that problem staring me in the face, and since I have been creating the database anyway, and since I was going to make it available on the internet to my own customers, I decided to make it generally available for a one time access fee. I was also encouraged in my efforts by some of the good folks at (the now defunct) Indelible Blue, Inc. who told me that many of their customers are looking for information about Warp. Unfortunately IB has had no recommendations for books about Warp, especially Warp Server and Warp 4.

It is my hope that the $50 fee will be low enough to attract those who really need access to this type of data – along with the fact that the DataBook will never be out of date. As new Warp products are released by IBM, this DataBook will be updated to include them. The intent of the DataBook for OS/2 Warp is to provide information about all versions of IBM’s OS/2 Warp – to fill the gap which exists since the hardcopy book publishers don’t seem interested in the OS/2 Warp community.

Perhaps the DataBook and its kindred will soon be the “real” books and paper books will be the exception.