OS/2 Reference Books

These are the books I have found most useful in working with OS/2 Warp over the years. Combined, they cover much of the material that I had included in the old DataBook® for OS/2.

Obtaining these books may be somewhat problematic these days, but there are still a few around. I do have several copies of “Inside OS/2 Warp.”

Table 1: OS/2 Reference Books
Title ISBN Author(s) Publisher Description
Inside OS/2 Warp 1-56205-378-7 Minasi, Camarda, Hallberg, Both, et. al. New Riders Publishing I co-authored this book and Chapter 22, “Troubleshooting” was reviewed as being, “A tour de force that will surely repay your $39.95.” That aside, this book is aimed at experienced users. It provides excellent coverage of everything from using the Desktop to how things work including an especially good, in-depth chapter of filesystems, and one on optimization.
The OS/2 2.0 Handbook: Applications, Integration and Optimization 0-442-01234-9 Zack Van Nostrand Reinhold This book is a complete reference that discusses how to integrate DOS, Windows (3.1) and OS/2 applications.
OS/2 Power User’s Reference 0-07-912218-3 Chapman McGraw-Hill This is a Tips and Techniques book using a “help desk” like Q&A format.