DataBook for OS/2

In early 2008 the original DataBook® website computer crashed beyond the possibility of repair, which is actually pretty cool since it had been up and running since 1995. Old backups were not able to be restored and so I needed to start over. This web site is the new DataBook web site.

The original DataBook web site was strictly about OS/2, but that was a dying operating system. In fact it is now almost completely dead. From now on this web site will be primarily targeted to Linux.

Although the entire book DataBook for OS/2 has been lost, if you have a specific request for some OS/2 data, please leave a comment or send me an email and I will add that particular piece as quickly as I can research it and type it in.

I have no plans to recreate the entire DataBook for OS/2 from scratch, although help as noted below would enable me to rebuild at least some of it.