Changing How The Desktop Works

Changing the visual thematic components of your desktop is fun and can be helpful if a color scheme makes things easier to see and find or if new font make things easier to read. Changing how the KDE Desktop works can significantly improve your productivity for several reasons. Making the KDE Desktop work more like another operating system with which you are already familiar may make it easier for you right from the start; making the KDE Desktop work like you wish that other operating system worked, but can’t, can make you even more productive.

The KDE Desktop functionality is managed in the Desktop section of the KDE Control Center. There are many options here so I will only cover the most important and the ones that the most people have asked me about changing.

We also use the KDE Control center to access these settings. If it is not already open, launch the KDE Control Center and click on Desktop category in the left side selection window. You should see the following six options:

  • Behavior
  • Multiple Desktops
  • Panels
  • Taskbar
  • Window Behavior
  • Window-Specific Behavior

Each of these sections allow you to determine for yourself how the respective components of your KDE Desktop function.

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