3. Choosing a Color Scheme

To change the color scheme of your theme, click on the Color button of the Theme Manager. The Theme Manager Color Control Module gives you a great deal of control over the colors of your desktop. You can simply choose one of the existing color schemes or create your own. Color schemes you create here can be used as part of any new theme.

Choosing Colors

Figure 24: The KDE Color Control Module allows you to select from several preconfigured color schemes or create your own.

Figure 24 shows the Color Scheme box in the KDE Color Control Module. You can select one of the preconfigured color schemes in the selection window. You can either use this directly as your scheme or you can use it as a starting place to modify as you create your own scheme.

The section at the top of the window shows how the color scheme will look when you apply it to your KDE Desktop.

To modify a scheme, use the Widget Color box. You can select a window component, i.e., a widget, such as the title bar, the frame, buttons, etc, in one of two ways. You can use the selection button in the Widget Color section to choose the desired component, or you can simply click on the component in the sample display section. To choose the button, for example, click on the button in the sample, and the title in the selection bar of the Widget Color section will change to Button Background. To change the color of the button text, be sure to click on the text of the sample button and the title of the Widget Color section selection bar will change to Button Text. Select the other widgets you want to change in the same way, including window backgrounds.

Do not forget to apply your modified color scheme. You can either click the Apply button and continue to work on your color scheme, or you can click on the OK button which will apply the changes you have made and close the KDE Color Control Module window.

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