6. Configuring KDE

All Linux desktop environments are very flexible and can be configured quite easily to use different colors, desktop backgrounds, icons, the look of the windows, and many aspects of window, mouse and keyboard behavior. KDE is no exception. You might like to experiment with the look of your desktop a little. You may find other looks and color schemes more to your liking than the defaults.

Note: The changes you make to your desktop configuration affect only your account – that is your login ID. All other accounts on this computer are unaffected. If other users wish to change their desktops, they can do so independently of each other and of you. Changes that you make do not affect other users on this computer and changes that they might make do not affect you.

There are lots of component parts of KDE, and you can configure both how many of them look and work. Like other parts of Linux, there are many choices available. Do not let that confuse you or deter you from making changes.

The KDE Control Center

The best method for making configuration changes to your KDE Desktop is through the KDE Control Center which is a central location for making virtually any change you might need or want. Many of the configuration menus that are available in the KDE Control Center are also available in other ways. You can right click on the Desktop itself and choose the Configure Desktop menu item. This would open a window containing five of the primary pages for configuring the look and feel of your desktop, Backgrounds, Behavior, Multiple Desktops, Screen Saver, and Display. All of these are also available through the Control Panel as you will see throughout this section. The Control Panel merely provides a single context from which you can manage all of these disparate aspects of your Fedora Linux computer, each of which is also available elsewhere.

KDE Control  Center

Figure 18: The KDE Control Center allows you to configure many aspects of your KDE desktop.

Figure 18 shows the KDE Control Center which is launched from the KDE Panel Menu. You can add a launcher for the KDE Control Center to the KDE Panel. To do this, left click on an empty space on your KDE Panel and choose Add Application to Panel = > Control Center. The Control Center launcher will be added to the KDE Panel. You can move the launcher by pointing to it with the mouse pointer and holding down both buttons (or the middle button if you have a three button mouse) and dragging the icon for the launcher to the place you want it located on the Panel then releasing the mouse buttons.

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