2. The KDE Panel

The KDE Panel – located at the bottom of the screen – is a powerful tool for your KDE Desktop. The primary function of the KDE Panel is to provide a central object from which you can launch and manage applications. From here you can launch programs, manage windows and get access to programs that allow you to configure your KDE desktop and Linux. The KDE Panel also allows you to interact with programs that are already running. It is a focal point on your desktop that can be configured with many different application launchers and small applets.

Fedora 8 KDE Panel

Figure 1: The KDE Panel provides a central location from which to launch programs and to interact with running applications. It can also be configured to provide you with access to many controls and a great deal of information about your Linux computer. This particular Panel is from a Red Hat Fedora 8 installation. The KDE Menu icon is the leftmost icon on the panel; a blue button and a gear with the large K superimposed on it.

Figure 1, above, shows the KDE Panel from a Fedora Core 8 installation. The red Fedora on the far left of the Panel is the Menu icon which displays a pop-up menu of all of the applications and functions that you can have access to. The KDE Panel in Figure 3, in the previous section, has a different set of icons, and the Menu icon is a large K superimposed upon a gear. The K and gear themes run through many icon sets for KDE and can also be found in many decorative KDE wallpapers.

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