Turning the Computer On

I hate to make assumptions, so we will start at the very beginning.

This procedure turns on the two primary computer devices you will have to work with, the monitor and the computer itself.

  1. Locate the power switch on the Monitor. This will vary depending upon the manufacturer and model, but it should be easily recognizable. Turn on the monitor.
  2. Locate the power switch on the computer and turn it on.

Both the monitor and the computer will have a small light to indicate that the power is on. They should light when the power is on.

I suggest turning on the monitor first because you can then see any informational and error messages generated by the computer as you power it on. This can be valuable when attempting to solve problems.

If you have other devices like a printer or scanner that you will be using during this session, you can turn them on too. If you won’t be using them this time you use the computer, you can save the energy and leave them off.

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