David Both to present “SystemV Startup vs systemd” at TriLUG on May 8

I will be giving a presentation, “SystemV Startup vs systemd” at the TrilUG meeting on Thursday, May 8.

Topic: SystemD
Presenter: David Both
When: Thursday, 8th May 2014, 7pm (pizza from 6.45pm)
Where: NC State Engineering Building II Room 1021, Centennial Campus
Parking: The parking decks and Oval Drive street parking are free after 5pm
Website: http://trilug.org/2014-05-08/systemd

The new systemd daemon replaces the init process for some distributions already and is coming to many more. systemd provides service management and much more as well as startup for services designated to run on startup. It is designed to increase startup speeds as well as to conserve system resources by using a new startup strategy in which services are not started until they are actually required. This presentation will briefly review the Linux boot process and the old SystemV startup process. It will then discuss in more detail the startup process using systemd, and the reasons for creating the new systemd daemon and some of the advantages it provides. We will also discuss configuration files and some of the more common commands required to cause systemd to do our bidding. Backward compatibility will also be covered.

I hope to see you there.