Millennium Technology Consulting LLC Announces Advanced Linux Class

Millennium Technology Consulting LLC,, announces the availability of their latest Linux training class.

This deep technical course, entitled Linux Servers and Advanced System Administration, has been under development for over 18 months. It is intended for experienced Linux System Administrators who wish to learn advanced troubleshooting techniques and server installation and configuration.

It is how this class is structured as much as the specific subjects covered that makes it unique. Most classes that cover advanced subjects do not treat them as a part of an integrated system. The Linux Servers and Advanced System Administration class treats these as parts of a unified whole. By the end of the class each student will have a fully working integrated Linux server.

Students will learn advanced aspects of some of the system commands covered in the Millennium Technology Consulting LLC Theory and Practice of Linux System Administration course, as well as some interesting new commands that can be used for advanced system administration tasks and problem determination.

Registration for the test class is closed. Please check the Training page for future class schedules and seat availability. New classes start in January.

Please contact us to sign up for classes as soon as possible. Our classroom facility is limited so class sizes are very small.