Fedora 17, the latest in a long series of Fedora Linux releases, was released on Tuesday, May 29. Code named “Beefy Miracle,” it offers many new features and upgrades.

I have already installed it on my primary workstation which I don’t recommend for most people to do on day 1 of any release. I also installed Fedora 17 onto a VirtualBox VM where I will do my best to break it. Hopefully it will not break my primary workstation.

Here are a few of my first impressions.

In Brief

I have already noticed significant speed improvements over Fedora 16 and previous releases. KDE screen animations and effects are enabled by default, possibly as a result of the speed gains, and they make for a fun desktop. Perhaps the new 6.3.3 kernel is at least in part responsible for the speed gains.

The BTRFS filesystem is no longer an option during installation, but can be used on partitions formatted after installation. This is due to issues with the filesystem. I have also had problems in the recent past with installations using EXT4 so I personally do not use that for the main installation.

I had problems with the upgrade from DVD so had to do a complete installation. I was able to save my home filesystem and restored other critical data from backups so it was not a major issue. I always expect problems with upgrades and new installations, so no real surprise there. I think the issues may be due to the non-Fedora repositories I have configured, but I need to experiment more with that.

In general everything seems to be working well so I am happy.

I will write a more compete review as soon as I have more experience with this release.


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